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During your entire visit at Park Slope Dermatology & MediSpa, you receive a holistic experience bound to improve your mental and physical wellness. Upon entry, you will be instantly soothed by our mesmerizing tropical aquarium, designed and maintained by Carey Holder, Dr. Holder’s brother, a former Park Slope kid like Dr. Holder, and an esteemed aquarist. Carey enjoys contributing to his sister’s practice by hand selecting the most beautiful fish and coral to bring the beauty and harmony of an aquatic ecosystem to the office. Aquariums perfectly complement medical offices as they are proven to lower your heart rate and blood pressure and reduce stress.

Enjoy nature in our waiting area, which is an interactive, healing botanical garden where you can pick and juice your own vegetables, plant your own flowers, or simply enjoy the fragrant aromas and chirping birds. 

While waiting, you will be sitting underneath our pergola, designed with your sun-protection in mind. At Park Slope Dermatology & Medi-Spa, we advocate for sun safety to ensure that every patient leaves their appointment with the best sunscreen suited for their skin type.

Our Healing Garden: A Slice of Paradise

Not everyone has access to a garden. Even if only for an hour-long office visit, I wanted to integrate a healing green space into my treatment plan. We have done this. In the healing garden, the art and science of medicine unite. Horticulture, community gardening, nutritional sciences, and medicine come together to achieve one outcome – phenomenal patient care. Now we are juicing the cucumbers from our garden into a refreshing drink for our patients. We have cultivated an abundant vegetable and herb garden from which patients are harvesting and bringing healthy pickings home. My patients are saying to me that after spending time in the garden, they are inspired to create their own green spaces. My precious mother’s passion for gardening is contagious and is being passed down to my patients. I want this healing space to become your sanctuary when you step into my private practice in the heart of Park Slope, Brooklyn.

“Come and see, smell the trees, and sip the medicinal lemongrass tea. The sound of the birds and buzzing of the bees will fill your mind and body with inner peace and you will feel healed and be unquestionably free.”

– Dr. Holder

Before & After Photos

See the results of our work

Park Slope Dermatology has state of the art lasers to treat cosmetic issues for all skin types. Dr. Holder works with each individual to enhance their vision of beauty. The Fraxel re:store is Dr. Holder’s laser of choice for skin restoration. Imagine erasing the signs of aging including: sun damage, pore size, fine lines and wrinkles, while also improving skin tone and texture. Fraxel re:store reduces acne scarring and hyperpigmentation (discoloration, dark spots, blemishes, blotchiness, and spottiness), treats melasma and actinic keratoses, tightens skin and minimizes stretch marks. The ExcelV Laser tackles facial veins, spider veins, venous lakes (blue spots on lip), new sun damage, photo-aged skin, red scars, rosacea, warts. Laser Genesis addresses skin of color including hyperpigmentation as well as diffuse redness in other skin types. The Light Sheer INFINITY Laser focuses on all skin tones including blondes, redheads, and darker skin tones— all of which have been traditionally excluded from laser hair removal. This procedure is fast and painless. Ingrown hairs is a common complaint that this laser treats. Polycystic Ovary Disease (PCOD) is a medical condition that meshes cosmetic and medical dermatology. Quite often various physician subspecialties will collaborate with a dermatologist to treat the stubborn acne and hirsutism in which it may present. Light Sheer INFINITY can play a role in the treatment.

As a medical dermatologist Dr. Holder is particularly noted for her impressive results in treating adolescent and adult acne, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, hair loss, nail treatment and diagnoses of rashes. Her success is due to her plethora of experience nationally and internationally in both research and clinical practice.

Dr. Holder

Dr. Brigitte Holder M.D is a Brooklyn based dermatologist who offers the highest quality medical and cosmetic skin therapy in Park Slope, New York City. With experience of over 25 years in the field, Dr. Holder sees and treats all patients herself in her private practice. Generous appointment times allow all patient’s questions to be answered and a treatment plan to be devised, tailor made to each individual, in a setting that is comfortable and highly personal.

Dr. Holder’s philosophy: The field of dermatology has the potential to create dramatic positive life changing results. The active ingredients for a successful outcome are a devoted dermatologist and a trusting, compliant patient.

Mission Statement 

Our mission at Park Slope Dermatology and Medi-Spa is to provide outstanding skincare and to empower our patients through education on the science behind skin disease and the maintenance of healthy skin while putting Brooklyn at the forefront. Dr. Holder’s love for nature and all of its elements resonate harmoniously throughout our dermatology office, Medi-Spa, and unique healing garden. Open to all of our patients, this garden adds another dimension to the art of medicine and simultaneously makes our patients feel at home. As evident in our before-and-after pictures, Dr. Holder is passionate about providing quality treatments for all skin types, and her breadth of knowledge and years of experience in both internal medicine and dermatology make her qualified to care for every skin type.

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