Dr. Holder also treats adolescents. One of Dr. Holder’s motivations is seeing the upliftment in confidence once patients navigating this delicate time of their lives receive transformative skin care, which influences their outcomes as adults. Common skin problems seen in adolescents are acne and hair loss, which she treats with individualized therapies. Additionally, common and plantar warts (also known as verrucae) are common in adolescents and Dr. Holder has novel therapies for these conditions. 

I’ve been going to Dr. Holder since I was 15, and I’m 19 now. She is truly the best of the best. When I met her, I was so insecure about my skin and having the worst acne experiences as a teenager, but Dr. Holder helped me gain my confidence back. She helped me learn about my skin, and how I can become my OWN dermatologist. I’ve been seeing her for a few years now, and every time I’m at her office, I feel so at home and so safe. Dr Holder is the most hardworking person – I can’t thank her enough for helping me, and can’t recommend her enough!
— Tara Bridget

Before - Teenage Acne (top) & After 6 Chemical Peels (bottom)
Before – Teenage Acne (top) & After 6 Chemical Peels (bottom)

Dr. Holder’s comments on adolescent dermatology:

This demographic has most touched my heart. I am passionate about making a difference in the life of that shy pre-teen boy or girl in the middle of adolescence who has very low self-esteem due to the outward appearance of acne on their face or back that has not ceased with conventional medical therapy. For a parent to invite me into their “village” as a dermatologist to assist in skin health and molding a confident person, is one of the greatest honors of my profession. It is not rare for a teenager to visit me on the way home from college before even seeing their parents. Managing adolescence acne and helping to build a confident adult is, to me, the joie d’vie.

You are worth it. 

I know it can seem scary when you find a great doctor and you hear they don’t take insurance. Don’t let that scare you away. Give yourself a chance! Schedule that first appointment and then make a determination of whether you will continue. That is what I did and it has been 9 years. Yes it’s a sacrifice! But it is a decision I am glad I made for our family. Dr. Holder is an incredible doctor and healer. My children and I have struggled for years with our skin and scalp. She listened to our concerns, educated us and developed individual regiments to help us when others couldn’t and now we are thriving. Even though we are doing well, we still find our way to her from out of state for check ups. I had to save but I want you to know we are worth it and Dr. Holder is worth every sacrifice we made. Hands down, she is one of the most caring, empathetic and thorough doctors we have experienced. As for insurance, you can submit claims for some reimbursement and while you might not get back all of what you paid out, everything helps. So I encourage you to take the next step and schedule an appointment. For us, it has made a huge difference in how we look and feel. Thank you Dr. Holder. We are forever grateful.

— The McRaes

For parents who are willing to step out of the box of their network and explore the possibility of cosmetic intervention for their child’s acne, we can get remarkable results. Very often, parents are even reimbursed if they have out of network privileges.

The first cohort of children I treated 15 years ago are nearing their thirties and still to this day drop by my office with skin concerns. These young, confident adults are our community’s movers & shakers. Talk about continuity of care at its best!

My entire family loves Dr. Holder. She provided comprehensive skin care to my children through their teens into young adulthood. She was thorough, patient, kind, and gave them confidence. Not only did she explain the medicine in a way they could understand, but also provided step-by-step personalized after-care instructions. I would not trust anyone else to take care of my kids dermatology and skincare needs!
— A.H.

When I tried to get a dermatology appointment for my son in network I was going to have to wait 3 months. Meanwhile his dandruff was driving him crazy and his pediatrician’s recommendations were not helping. I found Dr. Holder in the neighborhood and was able to get an appointment within a couple of weeks. She gave my son a set routine to for skin and hair care and explained very clearly what was causing the itching and how to take care of it. He had relief within days. Although Dr. Holder is not in network, she and her lovely office staff made it very easy to submit a claim to our insurance company. We received 80% reimbursement for the bill.

— Carolyn Altman

Tinea Versicolor

This is a chronic spotty condition of the skin, which may have a genetic predisposition, associated with a yeast that lives in one’s hair follicles and skin. 

The appearance is based on skin type, which translates to “lighter” or “darker” spots.

 T.V. is often seen in people who have oily skin, or over secretion of the pilo-sebacceous unit associated with over production of yeast, or excessive sweating, for example, in teenagers, young adults, athletes, and pregnant women.

Humid climates such as summertime or tropical hemispheres aggravate this condition further.