Rosacea has a two-fold component:

  • Acneiform component : falls under the category of acne. There is an over secretion and inflammation of the pilosebaceous unit which results in bumps and pimples on the central face and forehead. 
  • Vascular component: involves in increased activity of small blood vessels (capillaries / telangiectasias) triggered by heat leading to flushing and facial redness of the central face and often forehead.

Rosacea may affect the eyes – ocular rosacea, and recommendation from an eye doctor may be necessary.

Rosacea, in more advanced cases, may affect the nose in a condition called rhinophyma presenting as a bulbous enlarged nose and puffy cheeks

For a successful treatment outcome, it may be necessary to treat both components. At PSD, Dr. Holder treats the acneiform component with medical and cosmetic therapy. She treats the vascular component with the Excel V Laser.

The absolutely best dermatologist I’ve ever been too. As someone who struggles with rosacea and various other skin/hair things, Dr. Holder has been a blessing and a life saver. She took the time to get to know me and when it came time for a routine, Dr. Holder sat with me and explained everything and offered to write out step by step instructions (that I also wrote) so I could ask questions and make sure I understand what was being prescribed. When I had some questions a few weeks later she took the time on a Saturday evening to answer them and help me find a pharmacist near by, as I was out of town.
Walk don’t run, you won’t be disappointed! Your skin will thank you!
— Chelsea Levine

I was completely impressed and shocked by how well Dr Bridgette Holder treated my facial condition. I have rosacea and these mysterious red veins on my nose that I thought was part of the aging process or just my ethnicity. I’m 100% Irish with Blue eyes, blonde hair and figure I’m just stuck with these odd red veins and Rosacea due to my genes. I tried the Excel V/ Laser Genesis that Dr Holder was suggesting. In 30 minutes all those mysterious veins and rosacea I have been looking at in the mirror for the last 10 years disappeared in less then 30 minutes. The coolest part of all this is that I didn’t have any downtime. The skin of my face appeared to be fresh with no after effects and I was ready to attend any event. I was awarded with compliments from my friends and Fiancé. My Fiancé could not believe the results of the Dr Holders laser Genesis treatment. If only I knew about this ten years ago. I am very grateful for the opportunity to be treated by Dr Holder. I’m looking forward to facing the world with a fresh new face treated by Dr. Holder.
— Matthew Kelly

Before Chemical Peels- Acne (left) After 5 Vitalize Peels-Glycolic Acid Peels (right)
Before Chemical Peels- Acne (left) After 5 Vitalize Peels-Glycolic Acid Peels (right)