Patrick Holder, Dr. Holder’s brother: Patrick Holder is the principal founder of ATEPA East Architecture LLC and is currently the commissioner of buildings for Mount Vernon, New York. He did the architectural design for the Park Slope Dermatology office and Medi-Spa. Patrick was able to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy from the NYC Department of Buildings, making our dermatology office/Medi-Spa a legitimate entity, which was not easy.

Matthew Kelly of MK Dream Design: Designed our concept of “simple but elegant” for the new dermatology office and Medi-Spa, including our beautiful pergola in the healing garden.

Design Fencing: Made our dream of bamboo fencing in the healing garden a reality.

Making of the Garden pictures (Before vs After)

Bamboo fence before (left) vs after (middle and right)

Retaining wall and floor tiles before (left), progress (middle), after (right)

Bamboo fence before (left) vs after (right)

Bamboo fence transformation: before (left) vs after (right)

Pergola before (left) vs after (right)

Our Pergola

Additional Features of Our Healing Garden