* Please note: Results may vary, depending on individual and course of treatment.

When I was a little girl, only 6 years old I fell off of a donkey and he stepped on my face. My negligent mother chose not to take me to a hospital and my wound had to heal on it’s own with no medical attention. This of course left a horrible scar on my face which left me very depressed. Later on in life I tried to fix my scar with plastic surgery. I went to a prominent teaching hospital in Brooklyn where a student botched my surgery and made my scar so much worse. It became much bigger and was much more noticeable. After this I continued to try and fix my scar with several Plastic Surgeons but to no avail. After realizing I had spent over $150,000.00 on plastic surgery over the years for no noticeable difference I fell into a deep depression. I wouldn’t even leave the house. I left everything like grocery shopping to my Husband and Son. When I absolutely had to go out I would use a heavy compound makeup to try and cover up my scar. Sometimes if it was very humid the makeup would crack and all I could do was stay home and cry. As my son got older and I could no longer hide that I was depressed from him, he took it upon himself to find someone who could help me. He found Dr. Brigitte Holder, a Dermatologist who would change my life. When I first met Dr. Holder we did some treatments that improved the condition of my skin and did make my scar look less noticeable, but she told me about a Fraxel Laser that she was getting with me in mind that would help me with my scar. After several Fraxel treatments my scar is no longer noticeable. I haven’t even gone to my country of the Dominican Republic in 15 years because I was so depressed and embarrassed about my scar, but that is no longer the case. My life has done a complete 180! I am no longer the same person, I am happy and will use anything as an excuse to go out, without spending 2 hours putting on compound makeup. I get ready to go out so fast now I leave everyone in shock. I tend to cry when I’m in Dr. Holder’s office but they are tears of joy. I am finally able after all these decades to close the “Scar Chapter” of my life and I have Dr. Holder to thank for that.
I recently had the pleasure of receiving Fraxel treatments from Dr. Holder. I am fair and of German and Scottish descent and I had a lot of sun damage from living in the desert Southwest in my 20’s and not wearing sunscreen each day. I am in my late 40’s now, and while I had some freckles when I was a child, the freckles had long since melded together so my face looked very mottled and I couldn’t even tell what my skin tone was anymore. I hate wearing makeup, and I decided the sun damage was bothering me enough I wanted to do something about it. I also had some scarring from cystic acne.

Before seeing Dr. Holder, I had been injured by a previous laser tattoo removal session, which had been performed several years before by someone who was not a dermatologist but an esthetician. After that painful and scary experience, I was a little nervous about revisiting laser treatments. After my positive experience with Dr. Holder, I am now a firm believer no consumer should receive laser treatments of any type unless performed by a dermatologist.

Dr. Holder and her staff displayed the utmost professionalism from the start (seriously, I love the staff there). Upon meeting Dr. Holder, I could tell she was a highly experienced dermatologist who is really invested in treatment outcomes for her patients. She explained the procedure and after care thoroughly and answered any questions I had.

After my first treatment, I was shocked by how easy the recovery period was. Dr. Holder had very specific instructions for the recovery process and following those instructions, I experienced absolutely minimal discomfort and was able to immediately resume my daily activities and work. The same held true for my second round, and I’m sure will also be true of any subsequent treatments. I have also discovered two new favorite skin care products that were a part of her recovery regimen, and those products are simple, readily available, and reasonably priced.

My skin has never looked better, but I still look like me. I cannot believe how much my skin tone has evened out after only two treatments (I will need to have one more, as was recommended at the start of treatment). After the first treatment, the two very worst sun damaged areas on my face (driver’s side) we markedly improved. I thought those areas might be too old, dark and large for improvement, but no. I had minimal fine lines before treatment, but had started noticing some crepiness and puffiness under my eyes after entering peri-menopause. My under eye area looks so much better now, which I wasn’t even seeking treatment for. I just don’t look tired all the time.

If you are on the fence about Fraxel treatment or about seeing Dr. Holder, I encourage you to have a consultation with her office. I trust her implicitly and will see her without hesitation for any other dermatological needs I have.
Richard, Brooklyn NY
So about two years ago my fingers were peeling as a result of the wear and tear that cooking places on a chef’s hands. I had visited another dermatologist who explained that there was nothing to be done to help my hands. I visited Dr. Holder who put me on a strict regiment of three different creams that she prescribed, and within days my hands were basically healed. Thanks Dr. Holder!
NP 33yrs
Reflecting on the past year that Dr. Holder has treated me I feel compelled to pay tribute to her service. I had battled acne for all of my adult life and had become used to the arduous task of applying and reapplying makeup as well as using an array of products (none of which worked). I had visited numerous doctors where I was seen and charged but I never saw any results. I had been told it was genetics and I had to accept this to a certain extent. When I visited Dr. Holder she was the first to hold her consultation with me having washed my face in a private setting so I didn’t feel that there was a waiting room of people judging the extent of my condition. Dr. Holder listened to me, asked questions (pertinent questions I had never before been asked) and then educated me about my skin. This was not a generic spiel but one that applied scientific reasoning to my skin condition (such revelations I had never heard)! The products that she advised work and are integral to my skincare regimen. My skin is now healthy after 15 years. Dr. Holder’s passion for her work is evident and I am the first to sing her praises. I had heard that a successful dermatologist is one for life as with the changing states of our skin we have different ongoing needs ( I now appreciate this to be true) and I know that I will be addressing all of these stages with her!
Laura (45 Years Old)
I have been battling the sun damage to my skin for years. I have seen countless dermatologists in an effort to stay on top of the different things that appear on my face, from cosmetic imperfections like lines and wrinkles to more serious pre-cancerous lesions. For years, I was seeing two different dermatologists; One to address my appearance and the other to address medical issues. It was not until I started seeing Dr. Brigitte Holder, that I realized that I could have all of my skin concerns addressed by one, excellent doctor.

Dr.Holder has single-handedly transformed my skin! She is the first doctor that has approached my skin care in a holistic way, focusing on my health, appearance and prevention. She is very thorough, a great diagnostician, and so meticulous when performing procedures. She has recommended procedures and products that, in all honesty, have so dramatically changed my appearance that I feel as though I have turned back the clock! I am not exaggerating when I say that I am approached by so many people complimenting my skin, that I feel like I should be a spokesperson for Dr. Brigitte Holder! I look better than I have in years and it is wonderful to know that I am under the care of a doctor that I can trust. I cannot recommend her highly enough.
Irene S
I am 48 years old an I have had acne and hyper-pigmentation on my skin most of my life and have used all kinds of products, with no improvement. A year ago I started seeking treatments from Dr. Brigitte Holder at her Park Slope Determology & Medi Spa clinic. Since I started using the products Dr. Holder recommended, my skin cleared up and it now feels so soft and smooth. Who would have believed that I had suffered from hyper-pigmentation and acne on my face most of my life. I have been using the products for a year now and I can’t do without them.

Dr. Holder is both personable and professional and always makes me feel comfortable. Her willingness to listen and her commitment to my skin care have made my experience with her service life changing.

Thank you, Dr. Holder, I will be forever grateful for your kindness.

Tallie Melnyk
Thanks to Dr. Brigitte Holder my skin has never felt or looked better. Dr. Holder has a warm and open nature and spends time with you, answering questions and customizing a skin care program just for you and your individual skin type. Her state of the art office is very convenient to get to from all over the city. She carries many fine products, my favorite including Alyria, Avene and Lumiere. We are very lucky to have Dr. Holder and her lovely medi spa in Park Slope, the neighborhood where she grew up.

I am a very satisfied patient of Dr. Holder. I started seeing in her in early summer to address adult cystic acne and the resulting scars. Dr. Holder prescribed an oral antibiotic, a series of chemical peels and microdermabrasions and some at home glycolic acid products. As a result, my scarring is very visibly reduced and as a bonus I feel like several years have been lifted from my face. Other people have noticed too! Definitely money well spent. I have recommended her to all my friends. I am thrilled with my results.


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