Laser Hair Removal is a technique used to remove unwanted body hairs over large areas of skin. It is able to provide the reduction of some hairs while markedly delaying the growth of others. Depending on your skin type and tone, Dr. Holder will determine the number of treatments necessary to achieve hair reduction in the targeted area. The Light Sheer Laser is designed to remove unwanted hairs faster with less discomfort and more reliability than other methods. A beam of light from the laser passes through the skin and targets the melanin pigment that is present in high concentrations in the hair follicle. When the melanin in the follicle absorbs the laser light energy, the hair follicle is heated and destroyed, preventing its ability to produce new hair while leaving other skin structures unharmed. An important part of this system is the cooling of the skin. A cooling hand piece allows the dermatologist to treat even the most sensitive skin. Our dermatologist has had years of experience treating all skin types with the Light Sheer Laser.

I want to thank Dr. Holder for the great results my teenage daughter has seen after ONLY 2 laser hair removal treatments! My daughter had been traveling to a doctor in Manhattan but the results were slow and painful (despite substantial numbing time before hand). Frustrated with the lack of results and time commitment, I decided to switch to a local dermatologist. After just 2 treatments with Dr. Holder, my daughter has seen her best results yet and the Lumenis LightSheer INFINITY laser has proven to be effective and relatively pain free. Dr. Holder has also successfully treated my teenage son’s acne. We couldn’t be happier to have discovered Dr. Holder! She is professional, thorough, extremely personable and provides excellent aftercare to ensure optimal results. She makes both of my kids feel welcome and comfortable during their appointments, explains their treatment plans in ways that they understand and follow and takes time to answer all of our questions. Thank you Dr. Holder!
— a Park Slope Mom

Before and after picture of back hair removal