At Park Slope Dermatology, our dermatologist addresses diseases of the hair and scalp. She combines both medical and cosmetic treatments to achieve maximum results. During consultation, an extensive medical history is obtained before therapy is initiated. Common problems seen are hair bumps at the nape of the neck, seen in black men, traumatic alopecia caused by chemical perms and certain hairstyles, alopecia areata, balding at the temples and the crown in both men and women, and a flaky and itchy scalp, which can lead to hair loss.

Overall, I would highly recommend Dr. Holder and her practice! First of all, they have been very good during the pandemic to follow protocol and make sure patients feel safe. Second, Dr. Holder and her staff are both friendly and professional; I always look forward to catching up with everyone during my appointments. I started seeing Dr. Holder last summer, when I was beginning to experience hair loss (which I now know was due to stress). I was extremely concerned, as I was getting married in less than a year! She was very thorough, explaining the science behind everything she was doing, and investigated every option to make sure there were no underlying medical conditions that might be causing the hair loss. I have been receiving treatment every few months for the past year, and I am very pleased with my results so far. I notice my hair is thicker overall, and my part is thinner. And my hair looked great in my wedding photos! I know that hair regrowth is a slow process, but I am committed to continuing with the treatments until I am back to what I had pre-pandemic. Thank you, Dr. Holder!
— Elaina Mercurio

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