Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH), often referred to as “scars” or “marks” can be a source of tremendous distress to a patient and affect an individual’s self-esteem. This condition can affect the gamut of Fitzpatrick skin types but is more common in darker-skinned individuals, in whom the color tends to be more intense and persist for a longer period than in lighter skin colors. Possible colorations of PIH include pink, yellow, gray, blue, brown, and black. Conditions that present with hyperpigmentation include freckles, solar lentigos, acne, eczema, and melasma. PIH can occur after trauma, rashes, friction, injury, burns, and medications, e.g., chemotherapy. At Park Slope Dermatology, we have multiple tools, including Dr. Holder’s choice of treatment for PIH – the Fraxel Laser for skin resurfacing. Dr. Holder also does chemical peels, sometimes used in combination with creams, to treat hyperpigmentation. We will come up with a personalized plan for you to reach the optimal clinical outcome.  

Unfortunately, these cosmetic procedures are not covered by insurance. However, since we understand the financial burdens of embarking into cosmetic services, we do offer options to ease the costs, such as Care Credit.

I have been super happy with my experience at Park Slope Dermatology.  Dr. Holder is knowledgeable, thorough, and personable. I was referred to her by a local dermatologist for post-baby/sun exposure hyperpigmentation who believed she has the right combination of lasers and expertise to take my skin. Within three visits, my hyperpigmentation is virtually gone (it’s truly like a best case scenario before and after picture).  Her mix of caution, experience and attention to results ensures that you get the results you want with minimum downtime. I would put my trust in her for any and all skincare needs. 
— Lauren B

I received a Fraxel Re:store laser procedure at Park Slope Dermatology. The results were amazing and something I hoped for but did not expect. I went to see the doctor 2 months before my wedding and she literally gave me flawless skin where I could wear minimal makeup. Prior to coming to Park Slope, I had very uneven skin (hyperpigmentation), dark spots from previous breakouts and clogged oversized pores.
Coming to New York and visiting Park Slope Dermatology restored my hope that there are caring doctors that are driven in providing excellence for their patients, making them their #1 concern along with their results. My skin hasn’t looked this good since high school, it actually looks better, way better. Dr. Holder is very knowledgeable and has a very unique technique for those with deeper skin complexions or “ethnic” skin. Her numbing technique along with the items she prescribes after the treatment will guarantee you results. I have tried a lot of products, systems and other more painful procedures including chemical peels but none have actually given me the type of results I invested in with this procedure, “Fraxel Laser Restore.” I recommend this procedure and of course Park Slope Dermatology to anyone struggling with skin issues.
Save the money and your time on products that won\’t work or could damage your skin worse and invest in yourself to have better skin. It will be worth it if you are looking for easy, painless results. Also! Results did not take a long time, you will notice a difference in your skin in as little as a week. Yes, you read correctly 1 week. Have faith and it will work.
— Brittany

Before – Hyperpigmentation & After – One (1) Fraxel
Hyperpigmentation (Black)
Before – Acne and Hyperpigmentation & After – Three (3) Fraxels
Hyperpigmentation (Black)
Before Fraxel-Sun Damage (left) -- After 1 month post Fraxel #3 (both center pics) -- One year Later - After 5 Fraxels (right)
Sun damage (brown)
Dark Circles (eyes); Before-Chemical Peel, After-Chemical Peel
Hyperpigmentation around the eyes (brown)
Before - Teenage Acne (top) & After 6 Chemical Peels (bottom)
Hyperpigmentation (brown)
Before (left) & After Three (3) Fraxels (right)
Hyperpigmentation (Pink)
Before Chemical Peels- Acne (left) After 5 Vitalize Peels-Glycolic Acid Peels (right)
Hyperpigmentation (Pink)
Before Vitalize Peels- Acne (left) After 6 Vitalize Peels (right)
Hyperpigmentation secondary to acne (brown)
Body hyperpigmentation before and after Fraxel laser


Melasma is a common acquired skin disorder that typically presents as a bilateral, blotchy, brownish facial pigmentation. Melasma is more common in women than in men, with an onset typically between the ages of 20 and 40 years. Often, melasma presents before, during, or after pregnancy or with the use of birth control pills. Melasma is most common in people who tan easily or have naturally brown skin (Fitzpatrick skin phototypes III-VI), however, it can occur in all skin types.

At Park Slope dermatology & MediSpa, we individualize regimens according to your skin type. We have multiple tools at our disposal for the treatment of melasma, including laser resurfacing such as our Fraxel laser, and chemical peels.