Excel V is a quick, non-invasive dual laser requiring no anesthesia and minimal downtime. It has a 532 nm laser that targets blood vessels closer to the skin in people with lighter pigmentation, and a 1064 nm Nd: YAG laser that targets deep blood vessels. In other words, it is designed to target abnormal blood vessels and pigmented skin lesions. The most common treatments include rosacea, venous lake, red spots, brown spots, facial and leg veins, sun spots, acne scars, and stretch marks. It can even be used for wart removal. In other words, Excel V can do it all.

The Excel V has a cooling system which serves to minimize discomfort and protects the skin simultaneously. Most patients experience minimal stinging and consider it to be tolerable. All treatments are done by our dermatologist, Dr. Holder. Upon initial consultation, Dr. Holder will evaluate your specific condition and recommend the number of treatments necessary.

Solar Lentigo. After 1 session of Excel V
Facial Capillaries (red spots)
Perinasal Telangiectasias and capillaries (red spots around the nose)
Cherry Hemangiomas on the chest
Venous Lake