Dr. Holder’s Comments:

Early in my career, fifteen years ago, before the inception of Park Slope Dermatology, a plastic surgeon colleague and friend inspired me by challenging me with the question “Why do dermatologists not have before and after pictures as plastic surgeons did?” (2008). This set me on a career quest to establish a clinical gallery of before and after pictures supporting evidence-based medicine. I am very grateful to those patients who have given signed consent to be models in our atlas of before and after pictures. My purpose was to include all skin types, ages, genders, conditions, and treatments. When a patient needs my help, I want there to be no question that I can address their concern. I want each and every patient to see themselves through the subjects in my atlas and feel hopeful that I can help them. These pictures serve as an initial consultation and often, patients will book directly for a procedure after seeing them. These pictures are my clinical pearls.  

The subjects featured are all patients of Dr. Holder at Park Slope Dermatology and have given their consent to be viewed.