Common skin conditions that our new mothers may encounter during the course of their pregnancy are:

At Park Slope Dermatology, we cater especially to our new mommies and mommies-to-be. Rest assured that your experience at the practice will target not only your skin concerns but also help you to de-stress and re-center. 

I have been super happy with my experience at Park Slope Dermatology.  Dr. Holder is knowledgeable, thorough, and personable. I was referred to her by a local dermatologist for post-baby/sun exposure hyperpigmentation who believed she has the right combination of lasers and expertise to take my skin. Within three visits, my hyperpigmentation is virtually gone (it’s truly like a best case scenario before and after picture).  Her mix of caution, experience and attention to results ensures that you get the results you want with minimum downtime. I would put my trust in her for any and all skincare needs.

— Lauren B

Pregnancy and the New Mom  

Melasma, “mask of pregnancy,” presents in this demographic. Patients are often discouraged but hopeful after seeing our before and after pictures. The procedure which yields the best clinical outcome is Fraxel laser or laser resurfacing

The Role of the Medi-Spa during Pregnancy and Postpartum

Before, during, and after pregnancy, we exist to pamper our new moms. After accomplishing the greatest feat that a woman can do by giving birth, our Medi-Spa can be her sanctuary.  

This gamut of dry skin, from xerosis to ichthyosis (fish-like scale), can often present in a pregnant woman, and Dr. Holder has seen this condition frequently in pregnant women during her years of practicing at PSD. Our body scrubs, including safflower oil, green tea, and lemongrass, are proven treatments for dry skin and serve as body resurfacing tools. Our cosmeceutical creams contain hyaluronic acid, aminopeptides, and humectants, helping to repair and replenish skin after resurfacing.

Dr. Holder goes ABOVE and BEYOND what’s required of a dermatologist. After my pregnancy over three years ago, I started developing a series of brown spots on my back, stomach, chest, and arms. They get more noticeable in the warmer, sunnier months. I have seen two doctors about it and treated with over the counter topical ointments. Nothing worked for two years.
I called Park Slope Dermatology in August 2020 and got on the schedule within a week or so as a new patient. The office does not take insurance, but let me just say that Dr. Holder cares deeply about what her patients can and should cover. Due to COVID-related lay-offs, I am uninsured and am a self-pay patient anyways. I told her this up front and she kept this in mind with every decision on what to do.
Wanting to rule out the serious diagnosis options, she did a biopsy on my first visit and it came back inconclusive. The lab suggested we do another one, but she didn’t want me to waste the money. Instead, she tried alternate treatments first in the form of prescribed compound ointments. We didn’t realize this at the time, but one of the components of the compound was $500, which brought the ointment total to $650+ on top of my $250 biopsy fee, the doctor visit, and other pharmacy antibiotics for the biopsy site.
Long story short, the pharmacy and Dr. Holder worked with me to remove that element of the compound to try that first, so my total dropped down to under $100 for the treatment. I went back to see Dr. Holder about eight weeks later, and she waived my visit fee. She prescribed a refill with the $500 component added this time to make sure we got rid of the spots, but called the pharmacy to negotiate a lower price. She got it down to $250 and then lower to $100 that I had to pay myself. I was so grateful.
Also, I got a surprise bill in the mail for almost $1800 from the biopsy testing company and called Dr. Holder to ask her about it. We did not discuss this expense beforehand, so she worked with them to see what we could do about it. Well, after about a month … it disappeared and went to $0 owed. Incredible.
I have my final follow-up visit with her today after another six weeks of daily ointment applications and I am very happy to say that the spots are almost completely gone. This is a huge deal!
More than anything, Dr. Holder is extremely knowledgeable, kind, and innovative in her practice. She wants the best for her patients and personally calls me on her days off and after hours to check in on me. She is the best!

— Heather Hesington