The medical specialist that is best trained to diagnose and treat rashes is a dermatologist. 

The origin of a rash or exanthem may be inflammatory (e.g. seborrheic dermatitis), infectious (e.g. impetigo), neoplastic (e.g.Mycosis Fungoides (MF)), genetic (e.g. atopic dermatitis), fungal (e.g. tinea), viral (shingles), autoimmune (e.g. lupus, psoriasis), idiopathic (e.g. sarcoidosis) or other causes not mentioned, which may be multiple.

Sometimes a dermatologist may do a small sample or biopsy and may consult with another specialist, a dermatopathologist, to make a definitive diagnosis. Often patients bounce around from one place to another, frustrated with a persistent rash. Dr. Holder has seen it all – a plethora of rashes – at Park Slope Dermatology and in her formal training at SUNY Downstate and during her additional training in Uganda; Africa; France; and Jamaica, West Indies.