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Laser Skin Rejuvenation with Fraxel Re:store

Fraxel Re:store Laser is a laser skin resurfacing treatment used to restore a healthy and youthful appearance to the skin. Usually about 3-6 treatments, spaced 3-4 weeks apart, are needed to achieve maximum results. Among the improvements that will be appreciated following a series of Fraxel treatments are improvement in skin texture and tone, increased uniformity of skin color, lessening of lines and wrinkles and reduction in pore size. Skin conditions that are ideal for treatment with Fraxel include:

  • Alternative to botox especially for crows feet, lip lines, and smoker’s lines
  • Acne Scarring, including ice-pick scarring
  • Stretch Marks
  • Photodamage of the face, neck, chest and hands (Age spots/sunspots)
  • Surgical and traumatic scars
  • Wrinkles around the eyes and mouth
  • Sebaceous Hyperplasia

Best kept secret for dermatological care in Brooklyn!
I am so thankful to have found Dr. Holder! From the minute you walk into her office and are greeted by Hyacinth, her assistant & receptionist, to all of Dr. Holder’s personal phone calls to follow up on her patients, they are truly a remarkable team. I went to Dr. Holder to treat a mild skin condition that was spreading. She did a series of fraxel laser treatments that not only addressed the skin condition but left my skin looking so much healthier & younger. Every step of the way, everything was explained to me in detail & was made to feel comfortable to minimize any discomfort. Recently, I had the Xcel V laser to treat some unsightly spider veins on my legs & a large cluster of brown & raised red spots due to sun damage on my chest and neck. I’m thrilled with the results – the veins have basically all disappeared and the spots are gone. The procedure was quick and painless. Dr. Holder gave me a simple aftercare routine and personally called to make sure everything was on target. – Eva V. (Sept. 5, 2015)Read more

At Park Slope Dermatology, dramatic results are delivered with no downtime allowing you to quickly return to work or other activities. Dr. Holder has customized her aftercare so that you leave that same day, glowing, looking better than when you arrived.

Imagine having access to a laser in Brooklyn’s Park Slope, which is used by celebrities. Keep it local! Why cross the Bridge? Results are right here in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

I was instructed to come into the office about 3 hours beforehand so the numbing cream could be applied. Nowhere else that I researched had such an extensive numbing process.
Upon arrival I was greeted downstairs where I immediately felt safe. My temperature was taken and I was asked to fill out a health screener.
Once I was cleared as safe, I was led upstairs to a private bathroom. Since I came in wearing sunblock, I washed my face and then a thick, pasty cream was applied. After, I was led to a private waiting room with a super comfortable couch, a view, and very relaxing music. The lovely staff checked in on me and even brought me a snack!
After about 3 hours it was time to start the process.
Dr. Holder went over the procedure and made sure that I understood the science behind what I was about to do. She went over each area of the face 5-6x and the first two rounds barely hurt. By the 4th time, I’m not going to lie, I FELT NOTHING!!
The entire process was so quick that after about 15 minutes, I was completely done. After, I was given icepacks to apply to my face, which I hung out with for about 15 minutes before heading home.
The results were immediate with almost no downtime. The cocktail for recovery that Dr. holder recommends is complete and total magic. I had absolutely no shedding, peeling, or swelling. I was completely normal looking for work the next day, maybe slightly red but not noticeable. Beyond the slightly scaly texture of the skin as it heals, there is a little to no down time if you follow Dr. Holder’s specific recovery regimen.
I am about to begin my third treatment in about two weeks and I am completely excited for what is on the horizon for my skin. The results are absolutely amazing, the texture, tone, clarity, brightness, firmness of my skin have all improved drastically with this procedure. Many of my colleagues have noticed and have since become patients of Dr. Holder’s practice.
If you are thinking about doing a Fraxel laser treatment, RUN, do not walk, to Dr. Holder!– Sandra F. (Dec. 10, 2020)Read more


Who benefits from Fraxel Re:store?

For those of you who are frustrated with stubborn acne — having visited several dermatologists who have administered medical therapy — Fraxel laser is very likely missing from your treatments. Think of Fraxel to clogged pores as Drano is to a clogged drain. For acne scarring the laser repletes the lost collagen erasing the scarring.

For those of you who have an aversion to Botox or Fillers, isn’t it nice to have another option?

A Real Treat in Park Slope
Before I went to Dr. Holder, I had been doing microdermabrasion and various types of facials to try and fade some darker spots on my face (I am in my late 30s, of Southeast Asian heritage). Nothing seemed to work well. I then received fraxel laser treatment (two rounds) for melasma (dark spots on my cheeks and below my eyes) from Dr. Holder – what a great investment! Amazing results from an amazing doctor and staff. The dark spots are substantially lightened (or even gone!) and it has now been almost two months since my second treatment and I am still amazed by the results. I had waited about a year to actually “do it” – my only regret is that I should have done it sooner (instead of wasting all that time and money on microdermabrasion and other “cheaper” alternatives to proper fraxel treatment). Dr. Holder was able to use the fraxel treatment to substantially lighten several melasma dark spots on my cheeks and below my eyes and she also helped me to bring my facial skin back to a much healthier condition. Thanks again to Dr. Holder and her wonderful staff and team. A real treat to have them in Park Slope! – Wantana (Dec. 19, 2015)Read more

For post-pregnancy signs including the infamous “mask of Pregnancy” known as melasma which translates to brown spots or “manchas” in the facial distribution of the forehead, cheeks, temples and upper lip. Fraxel wipes melasma away.

Surgical Scars like Laparotomy/Caesarian/Tummy-tuck scars and Stretch Marks are reduced by Fraxel Re:store.

For women and men of color plagued by those dark spots known as Hyperpigmentation which never seem to go away despite spending mega bucks on those ever so promising lightening creams, Fraxel Re:store will change your life!

For those sun worshipers now exhibiting signs of photodamaged skin such as age spots/liver spots/sun spots/brown spots and desperately need help, Fraxel Re:store is an eraser!

Those who need tightening of face and neck exhibiting noticeable sagging but want to be spared the surgical knife, Fraxel is a non-invasive alternative. Let’s not forget that sagging neck and those aged hands which are obvious giveaways of our age.

Perspective of our Dermatologist – Dr. Holder
The technology of Fraxel Re:store is optimal science giving life changing clinical outcomes. I do all the treatments myself in order to deliver excellent care. After seven years of experience with the Fraxel Re:store, I have observed that my patients look younger today than before their first treatment. My experience has shown for those patients who do the recommended number of treatments, follow the regimen and do yearly maintenance, the results are dramatic. Patients in their 70s look as if 50, 60s look like 40s, and 50s look like 30s.

Get new Healthy, Beautiful, Flawless skin as the New Year approaches.

I am beyond happy with my experience at Dr. Holder’s Medi-Spa. I couldn’t recommend her, and her wonderful, caring, highly skilled staff more highly. Specifically the Laser-Fraxel Restore treatment. Unlike many doctors, Dr. Holder really takes the time to ask questions and to listen. I have a scar on my chin that is indented, and I used to get fillers to treat it, but didn’t like the downtime associated with the fillers, and the sometimes uneven appearance after the treatment. It had never occurred to me to use a laser for the scar itself, but, when I went to see Dr. Holder about doing a laser treatment for wrinkles, she said, this is really going to help your scar. I didn’t have any expectations — how could it help with an indented scar? — but, it made my scar reduce significantly after 1 treatment, and now, having done 6 sessions, my scar basically invisible. With no downtime. And the laser has really corrected my wrinkles as well. I highly recommend the Park Slope Dermatology & Medi-Spa!! – Susan (Jan. 9, 2016)Read more

I received a Fraxel Re:store laser procedure at Park Slope Dermatology. The results were amazing and something I hoped for but did not expect. I went to see the doctor 2 months before my wedding and she literally gave me flawless skin where I could wear minimal makeup. Prior to coming to Park Slope, I had very uneven skin (hyperpigmentation), dark spots from previous breakouts and clogged oversized pores.
Coming to New York and visiting Park Slope Dermatology restored my hope that there are caring doctors that are driven in providing excellence for their patients, making them their #1 concern along with their results. My skin hasn’t looked this good since high school, it actually looks better, way better. Dr. Holder is very knowledgeable and has a very unique technique for those with deeper skin complexions or “ethnic” skin. Her numbing technique along with the items she prescribes after the treatment will guarantee you results. I have tried a lot of products, systems and other more painful procedures including chemical peels but none have actually given me the type of results I invested in with this procedure, “Fraxel Laser Restore.” I recommend this procedure and of course Park Slope Dermatology to anyone struggling with skin issues.
Save the money and your time on products that won’t work or could damage your skin worse and invest in yourself to have better skin. It will be worth it if you are looking for easy, painless results. Also! Results did not take a long time, you will notice a difference in your skin in as little as a week. Yes, you read correctly 1 week. Have faith and it will work. – Brittany (Dec. 8, 2015)Read more

Laser Hair Removal with Light Sheer INFINITY

This is Brand New Revolutionary Technology for permanent Laser Hair Reduction. It’s Fast, Painless & anesthesia is not required. Imagine doing a man’s entire back in thirty (30) minutes and a woman’s legs in twenty (20) minutes without numbing. Yes this is possible!!!

With the large spot size of the light-sheer hand-piece as compared with it’s predecessor laser, the process treats numerous hair follicles simultaneously making the treatments much faster than traditional lasers.

The Light Sheer Infinity’s high speed laser produces a large beam of highly concentrated light which is absorbed by the pigment located in the hair follicle. When the melanin in the follicle absorbs the laser light energy, the hair follicle is heated and destroyed, preventing its ability to produce new hair while leaving other skin structures unharmed. A cooling hand-piece allows the dermatologist to treat even the most sensitive skin.

I want to thank Dr. Holder for the great results my teenage daughter has seen after ONLY 2 laser hair removal treatments! My daughter had been traveling to a doctor in Manhattan but the results were slow and painful (despite substantial numbing time before hand). Frustrated with the lack of results and time commitment, I decided to switch to a local dermatologist. After just 2 treatments with Dr. Holder, my daughter has seen her best results yet and the Lumenis LightSheer INFINITY laser has proven to be effective and relatively pain free. Dr. Holder has also successfully treated my teenage son’s acne. We couldn’t be happier to have discovered Dr. Holder! She is professional, thorough, extremely personable and provides excellent aftercare to ensure optimal results. She makes both of my kids feel welcome and comfortable during their appointments, explains their treatment plans in ways that they understand and follow and takes time to answer all of our questions. Thank you Dr. Holder! – Park Slope Mom (May 5, 2016)

Multiple Treatments will be required for hair reduction in the treatment area since the science is to target the hairs while in the anagen cycle of hair growth which occurs one month in every three months and not all hairs are in anagen simultaneously.

Our dermatologist, Dr. Holder, who does all the treatments will inform you about how many treatments will be necessary at your initial visit which is dependent on your skin type and ethnicity.

Excel V

RoseceaClick to see some BEFORE & AFTER examples of patients treated with the Excel V

Excel V Laser is effective in treating spider veins, age spots, brown spots, red spots, sun spots, warts, Rosacea, scars, port wine stains, photo-damaged and photo-aged skin. No anesthesia is required.

I have known Dr. Brigitte Holder for many years during the times she worked at another practice. After my treatment was completed, I lost contact with Dr. Holder. For several years I tried to find her, then in 2014, I was thrilled at the prospects of locating her because I know my dermatology problems would be solved. I developed some warts on my thumb and index finger 3 to be exact. Dr Holder after examining and assessing the warts decided on the plan of treatment which was topical. After a couple of months, the treatment did not resolve my problems; being a professional I was forced to use band aids to cover the warts which was very embarrassing. Dr Holder decided on another treatment plan which was Liquid Nitrogen (cold gas) medical treatment on the warts.
This treatment appeared to resolve the problem, but again, not entirely because on my middle finger, three more warts appeared. Dr Holder then decided to use the LASER-EXCEL V which after two treatments the warts completely disappeared. I am so happy and overwhelmed with the Laser Treatment I could not believe it. For anyone who has warts I recommend Dr. Holder and the use of the EXCEL V. Dr Holder and her Assistant Hyacinth are the best! They are totally pleasant with an air of inviting professionalism; with each visit you are greeted with warmth and compassion. Dr. Holder is my Dermatologist of choice; I would recommend her to Jesus if this were possible. Dr. Holder and Hyacinth I thank you for your kindness, your bedside manners and clarity of conversation as to the treatment plan of care for your patients.
May God continue to bless your healing hands and your compassionate hearts. – Maudlyn (Dec. 27, 2015)Read more

The Excel V has a cooling system which serves to minimize discomfort and protects the skin simultaneously. Most patients experience minimal stinging, considered to be tolerable by most patients. All treatments are done by our dermatologist, Dr. Holder. On initial consultation, Dr. Holder will evaluate your specific condition and recommend the number of treatments necessary.

I was completely impressed and shocked by how well Dr Bridgette Holder treated my facial condition. I have rosacea and these mysterious red veins on my nose that I thought was part of the aging process or just my ethnicity. I’m 100% Irish with Blue eyes, blonde hair and figure I’m just stuck with these odd red veins and Rosacea due to my genes. I tried the Excel V/ Laser Genesis that Dr Holder was suggesting. In 30 minutes all those mysterious veins and rosacea I have been looking at in the mirror for the last 10 years disappeared in less then 30 minutes. The coolest part of all this is that I didn’t have any downtime. The skin of my face appeared to be fresh with no after effects and I was ready to attend any event. I was awarded with compliments from my friends and Fiancé. My Fiancé could not believe the results of the Dr Holders laser Genesis treatment. If only I knew about this ten years ago. I am very grateful for the opportunity to be treated by Dr Holder. I’m looking forward to facing the world with a fresh new face treated by Dr. Holder. – Matthew Kelly, Architect & Designer, NYC (Jan. 8, 2016)Read more

Laser Genesis

Non-Invasive Laser Treatment which effectively reduces fine lines, large pores, Rosacea, diffuse redness, scars, and hyper-pigmentation in all skin types including Skin of Color. This treatment is often recommended for the entire face and neck in photo-aged and sun damaged skin. In this scenario, one can appear with diffuse redness due to years of sun exposure, as for example, with rosy cheeks of Rosacea.

No anesthesia is required. Patients have described the treatment as relaxing — as they experience a general warming sensation as if getting a hot stone massage.