Healing Garden

Dr. Holder has gifted her patient community with this exotic botanical healing garden. A therapeutic haven before, during, and after the office visit and our waiting area in warmer months. 

  • Relax in our healing garden — an extension of the medi-spa. 
  • Escape the city noise in this country-like retreat.
  • Commune with nature as hummingbirds sing to you, and delight in the colorful butterflies as you DESTRESS in this peaceful and safe oasis. 
  • Surround yourself with perennial blooms and fragrances that emanate from the foliage — wisteria, azaleas, camelias, roses, lilacs, lilies, jessamine, jasmine, gardenias, magnolias, cherry blossoms, hibiscus, and butterfly bushes.

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Been coming here for a few years now and Dr Holder feels like extended family. She has gotten my adult cystic acne under control in ways no dermatologist was able to achieve previously. The chemical peels are a lifesaver, and I’m so glad my introduction to forehead Botox was through Park Slope Medi Spa. Now they have extended the property into the back garden area which it’s beautiful for waiting (I always arrive early). The florals and trees feel like a small sanctuary; the perfect place to relax before getting anything done, and I always leave feeling glowing about myself. I wish I could attach photos of the garden to this review, but you’ll have to see it for yourself.
— Rachel Garben

@dermatologyandmedispa Come and enjoy our freshly renovated healing garden. Book your Summer peels, Fraxel, and botox with us! Ven a disfrutar de nuestro jardín curativo recién renovado. ¡Reserve sus peelings de verano, Fraxel y botox con nosotros! #healinggarden #jardincurativo #botox #fraxel #peels ♬ original sound – Park Slope Dermatology

“Come and see, smell the trees, and sip the medicinal lemongrass tea. The sound of the birds and buzzing of the bees will fill your mind and body with inner peace and you will feel healed and be unquestionably free.”

– Dr. Holder

Growing A Garden For Health and Well-Being

Great service and wonderful ambience—especially the beautiful backyard with the soothing sound of the fountain. Everyone here was so lovely and knowledgeable. 
— Hannah Jones

A personal message from Dr. Holder:

I grew up having a backyard garden on 6th Ave in Park Slope frolicking with the butterflies. Prospect Park was an extension of my backyard. The Brooklyn Botanical Garden was my daily promenade on the walk home from high school, the Poconos was my all year round country retreat, and the Caribbean was my summertime tropical paradise. All of these early experiences helped to ignite a passion for greenery; however, the single most influential factor has been my mom — an avid gardener. The fresh herbs, cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, and carrots on our dinner plates came directly from her garden, and our yearly compost heap built by my parents is still a vivid memory. 

My mom has graced the healing garden with her nurturing hands laying down the foundation of plants in the healing garden so that my patients can experience the therapeutic benefits of a garden as well. 

When I entered medicine, the vision of a garden in a doctor’s office had been already firmly planted, but its role in therapeutics became quite clear as I embraced dermatology and aesthetic medicine. The culmination has been to incorporate it into a treatment plan. Now, each and every patient can experience the monumental place of our unique, serene green space in Brooklyn, positively affecting one’s mental & physical health & well-being. 

Not everyone has access to a garden. Even if only for an hour-long office visit, I wanted to integrate a healing green space into my treatment plan. We have done this. In the healing garden, the art and science of medicine unite. Horticulture, community gardening, nutritional sciences, and medicine come together to achieve one outcome – phenomenal patient care. Now we are juicing the cucumbers from our garden into a refreshing drink for our patients. We have cultivated an abundant vegetable and herb garden from which patients are harvesting and bringing healthy pickings home. My patients are saying to me that after spending time in the garden, they are inspired to create their own green spaces. My precious mother’s passion for gardening is contagious and is being passed down to my patients. I want this healing space to become your sanctuary when you step into my office.

The Healing Garden Year-Round