Melasma is a common acquired skin disorder that typically presents as a bilateral, blotchy, brownish facial pigmentation. Melasma is more common in women than in men, with an onset typically between the ages of 20 and 40 years. Often, melasma presents before, during, or after pregnancy or with the use of birth control pills. Melasma is most common in people who tan easily or have naturally brown skin (Fitzpatrick skin phototypes III-VI), however, it can occur in all skin types.

At Park Slope dermatology & MediSpa, we individualize regimens according to your skin type. We have multiple tools at our disposal for the treatment of melasma, including laser resurfacing such as our Fraxel laser, and chemical peels.

A Real Treat in Park Slope
Before I went to Dr. Holder, I had been doing microdermabrasion and various types of facials to try and fade some darker spots on my face (I am in my late 30s, of Southeast Asian heritage). Nothing seemed to work well. I then received fraxel laser treatment (two rounds) for melasma (dark spots on my cheeks and below my eyes) from Dr. Holder – what a great investment! Amazing results from an amazing doctor and staff. The dark spots are substantially lightened (or even gone!) and it has now been almost two months since my second treatment and I am still amazed by the results. I had waited about a year to actually “do it” – my only regret is that I should have done it sooner (instead of wasting all that time and money on microdermabrasion and other “cheaper” alternatives to proper fraxel treatment). Dr. Holder was able to use the fraxel treatment to substantially lighten several melasma dark spots on my cheeks and below my eyes and she also helped me to bring my facial skin back to a much healthier condition. Thanks again to Dr. Holder and her wonderful staff and team. A real treat to have them in Park Slope!