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“When I was a little girl, only 6 years old I fell off of a donkey and he stepped on my face. My negligent mother chose not to take me to a hospital and my wound had to heal on it’s own with no medical attention. This of course left a horrible scar on my face which left me very depressed. Later on in life I tried to fix my scar with plastic surgery. I went to a prominent teaching hospital in Brooklyn where a student botched my surgery and made my scar so much worse. It became much bigger and was much more noticeable. After this I continued to try and fix my scar with several Plastic Surgeons but to no avail. After realizing I had spent over $150,000.00 on plastic surgery over the years for no noticeable difference I fell into a deep depression. I wouldn’t even leave the house. I left everything like grocery shopping to my Husband and Son. When I absolutely had to go out I would use a heavy compound makeup to try and cover up my scar. Sometimes if it was very humid the makeup would crack and all I could do was stay home and cry.

As my son got older and I could no longer hide that I was depressed from him, he took it upon himself to find someone who could help me. He found Dr. Brigitte Holder, a Dermatologist who would change my life. When I first met Dr. Holder we did some treatments that improved the condition of my skin and did make my scar look less noticeable, but she told me about a Fraxel Laser that she was getting with me in mind that would help me with my scar.

After several Fraxel treatments my scar is no longer noticeable. I haven’t even gone to my country of the Dominican Republic in 15 years because I was so depressed and embarrassed about my scar, but that is no longer the case. My life has done a complete 180! I am no longer the same person, I am happy and will use anything as an excuse to go out, without spending 2 hours putting on compound makeup. I get ready to go out so fast now I leave everyone in shock. I tend to cry when I’m in Dr. Holder’s office but they are tears of joy. I am finally able after all these decades to close the ‘Scar Chapter’ of my life and I have Dr. Holder to thank for that.”